What is Cross-platform App Development and Best Tools for Developing Cross-platform Apps?

Shiva kumar 18th Nov 2016

You may have an idea of developing a mobile app to introduce a venture to the market or improve your existing business. Your targeted customers may be on all platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, but you may be lacking a sufficient budget to develop separate apps for each platform. This is where cross-platform app helps you.

What Does Mean Cross-platform App Development?

Cross platform app development is the method of building one app for multiple mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. In cross-platform app development, one codebase is created and customized for multiple platforms. On the other hand, in native mobile development (commonly called as mobile app development), a separate codebase is created for each platform. Now let’s see top cross-platform app development tools in the market:

Top 5 Cross Platform App Development Tools in 2016

1.    SAP

SAP is a well-known name in cross-platform app development. The latest version of SAP, 3.0, allows to quickly and easily develop cross-platform mobile applications. It helps to develop applications with a single HTML5 code. By partnering with Cordova, SAP made the cross-platform app development even easier.

2.    PhoneGap

PhoneGap is one of the most used cross-platform app development tools, which is owned by the tech giant Adobe. The free tool PhoneGap is more useful for first time app developers, as it allows to translate their codes from HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.PhoneGap maintains software development kits for every platform created by app developers.

PhoneGap decreases the work of the app developers, as it creates and maintains these software development kits. If developers want their team members use these kits for some checks and tests, PhoneGap allows them to share it with them. The current version of PhoneGap is free, but the enterprise version of it being developed by Adobe is expected to cost.

3.    Sencha

The popular cross-platform app development tool Sencha encompasses multiple cross platform app development programs like Sencha Architect, Sencha IDE Plugins and few others. Among them, Sencha Ext JS 6 is one of the most used tools among the cross platform app developers. With Sencha, developers can create code in HTML5 format. The created code is very easy to use for both iOS and Android platforms. But the translation of code is required, which can be done using another tool like PhoneGap.
Popularly called as time saving tool, Sencha costs $4,475 per year for up to five developers and about $16,825 per year for 20 developers.

4.  Xamarin:

Xamarin is the most popular cross-platform app development tool today. With Xamarin, developers can develop iOS, Windows and Android apps using single shared C# codebase. The prime benefits of Xamarin are sharing code compatibility, native API access, and ability to add components. Xamarin has backend integration with Parse, SAP, Azure and many other companies. Xamarin costs $83 per month. The latest version Xamarin 2 came to the market last year. Xamarin partnered with IBM, Xoriant and Microsoft.

5.  Appcelerator

Appcelerator is a high quality and efficient cross-platform app development platform. Appcelerator Titanium uses JavaScript and allows to build top quality native iOS and Android apps. The tool helps to convert about 90 percent of the code instantly, which helps developers save a considerable amount of time in the app development. Enterprise customers can benefit from its virtual private cloud. If you have a sensitive company data to prevent from the unauthorized access, this feature is very helpful.


Cross-platform app development is in an increasing demand. In terms of budget and quick-to-market perspectives, cross-platform app development is better than native app development. But if you want to develop an app with top-notch user-interface and other wow elements to enrich customer experience, native app development is the better option. However, whether you want to develop a cross-platform app or native app, doesn’t matter, if you take a help of a well-versed mobile app development company, you can develop the app how you expect.

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