What is Technology PR?

Abhigyan Singh 29th Aug 2021

Many believe that the sole objective of public relations is to get stories of companies published in magazines – this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Public relations is much more than that and encompasses the promotion of positivity, solid relationships, and a helpful brand image through suitable strategies across media channels.

When it comes to Technology PR, however, things become even more specific. The ever-increasing significance of technology in both our personal and professional lives has led to the evolution of this special discipline in the world of PR. Without a doubt, the segment involves staying abreast with the latest technology and trends, with its main aim being to promote positive information about the tech brand in question.

Defining Technology PR

It is easy to understand the domain of technology PR by looking at what public relations means in the broad sense. The job of a public relations firm is to promote a positive brand

message through positive stories using editorial coverage as a resource.

Public relations come in handy both in ordinary times and in times of a crisis, keeping the public informed of the latest updates, achievements, and key decisions of a business across media channels.

Technology PR involves the same principles and goals, with a specific focus around tech startups and companies, favored by their target audience. Therefore, tech PR involves the dissemination of a positive reputation for these companies, businesses, organizations, in the tech discipline – technology and digital businesses.

Tech firms could use PR services to overcome specific challenges in their segment, such as communication innovation for a wide range of stakeholders, attracting the best talent, or securing investments and awards as a recognition of their work.

What Sets Tech PR from Conventional Types of PR

Technology PR is significantly different from corporate PR, the differences lying in methods, content, targets as well as complexity. Tech PR is a different ballgame altogether, and

several aspects define how it is different from other industry types.

The Specific Lingo

It goes without saying that technology PR involves the use of relevant lingo and terminology in its outbound as well as internal communications. Therefore, tech PR involves more specific research, even hands-on experience, when it comes to penning down articles or stories that click.

The Diversity despite Specificity

Technology PR might sound like a very specific domain, which it is, but there is no end to the diverse range of components it includes even then. Try to imagine the various types of technology we come across in our day-to-day lives, from cloud computing to smart electronics to marketing tech, and so on.

Interestingly, tech companies do not restrict themselves to just one tech stream but work cohesively on an array of projects at once. For tech PR, therefore, the work involves switching gears multiple times and having a comprehensive overview of various types and trends in technology.

The Tight Circle

Tech PR professionals ought to know who is in the media and in various positions of authority to be able to engage them with client stories and catch their attention. Technology is such a specific domain, it always narrows down to only a few people in even the largest media publications.

This makes it both difficult and important for Technology PR professionals to build successful relationships in these media outlets for successful outcomes.

Types of Technology PR

Just like other conventional forms of public relations, tech PR involves a number of different tools, techniques, and resources for successful outcomes. These include:

  • News and Press Releases: announcing product and campaign launches, disseminating effective information that suits the tone and voice of the tech brand, specific to the channel, reader, and medium of release
  • Event planning: brand, product, and service promotions bringing together different stakeholders, promoting further the brand’s reputation on the whole
  • Social media outreach: establishing the brand presence, maintaining a robust online outreach, handling campaigns as well as engagement with followers from time to time.
  • Market research: deep, insightful research through frequent surveys, interviews, and focus groups, aligned with the audience’s needs and company’s vision

Apart from the above, technology PR can also focus on reputation management, media relations, crisis management, and media training through the right tools and resources. The aim is to keep the brand and its work consistently in the public eye, both online and offline.

Final Words

Technology has completely transformed the way we perceive and engage with the world, both for businesses and individuals. Digital transformation has accelerated change in every aspect of life today, offering strategic communications and innovation-led pathways for

channeling the most powerful innovation-led experiences.

Technology PR, in such a light, has emerged as one of the key tools to disseminate stories and information about startups, companies, and individuals in the field of technology. As specific as the stream is, the rewarding diversity in the field of technology PR ensures smooth and successful information dissemination down the years to come.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

He is a continuous blogger and has blogged on different topic. He loves to surf Internet and always trying to get new Idea about new Technology and Innovations and sharing these great information to all the technology lovers.

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