What is the purpose of Togaf?

Abhigyan Singh 17th Sep 2020

Togaf or The Open Group Framework is a methodology that works as a framework provider for the software development of the enterprises. With the fast-growing nature of society, new evolutions are needed in order to manage such new changes. Hence, new introductions are needed that can help individuals in managing such new evolutions, especially in the field of IT. To manage the software developments of an enterprise, one of the processes or methods that have been introduced is Togaf. Today, a large number of firms are introducing the method of Togaf in order to manage their software developments in a much proper way than before.

Some of the important and most beneficial reasons to make use of Togaf are reducing down of the errors, keeping expenses within budget, maintaining proper deadlines, and also producing results that are of quality nature at the same time. When so much of the benefits are provided by the method, of course, this is quite acceptable that many of the organizations must be making use of the method in their system. Slowly, the demand and use of Togaf and the need for Togaf certification is continuously increasing across the world due to such amazing benefits of the method.

To know the purpose of Togaf in the organizations, it is very much important to know the beneficial features of the method. Different organizations across the world are adopting the method for better performance and great work culture. The benefits of Togaf can be described in a huge way but here are some of the limited benefits that can let us know how important it has become for the enterprises as of now.

The same language

The best thing about this method is that it uses the same language so that it can be used by all type of users in a convenient way. The users who come in contact with the method of Togaf in an enterprise are the stakeholders, team members, and similar other components of the enterprise. When the same language is being spoken and understood by almost everyone in the enterprise, the working becomes much smoother than before. It helps them in understanding the framework, goals and also the contents of the system in an easy and in an equal way. Thus, it helps in keeping all the people of the enterprise on the same platform. This is one of the best things done because this helps in smoothen up the communication process and helps very much breaking down the barriers of communication that bring in a lot of problems many a time.

Togaf is free

Another great thing with Togaf is that it is free for use for the enterprises. The enterprise needs a method to deal with its software developments in a huge way due to the increase in functions and operations over time. In place of calling out for some other methods and process, it is better for the enterprise to come up with Togaf as it is completely free to use for the internal purposes of the enterprise. It is only chargeable when the enterprises intend to use it for any kind of commercial purpose. Maximum of the times the enterprises make use of the method for their internal purposes only and hence it makes the use of Togaf absolutely free from them and this becomes one of the most important purpose of using it in the enterprises. What else is needed when the software developments and similar acts are taken care of by a method that is absolutely free to use?

Saving time and money

As mentioned before, Togaf is absolutely free for the enterprises that are using it for internal purposes. Apart from the money part, the method is also helpful in saving time for the enterprise. It makes sure to make use of the resources in a rightful way so that the operations and the functions can be handled well without spending much time and money on them. This is another great feature of the method Togaf that impresses the organizations in a huge way. The enterprises make sure all the time to save money and time so that they can make a good amount of profit and can use the resources on some other things. Togaf helps them in this and makes sure that the requirements can get fulfilled in a lesser amount of money and time.

Return on investment

Every enterprise wishes to have a high return on investment from the methods and processes that it is using. Togaf is one such method that is great in such kind of work. It is free for the enterprises to be used, is highly efficient due to its same language phenomena, and also helps in saving time and making use of the resources in a rightful manner. Hence, these elements ensure that the method can help the enterprise in having a good return on investment. It has been noticed that enterprises using the method of Togaf are known to have a high return on investment and also are good at earning a good amount of profits from their businesses.

The Pillars of Togaf

Togaf is mainly divided into three main pillars and these are enterprise architecture domains, architecture development model, and enterprise continuum.

Again, the architecture domain is divided into further four areas and these are business architecture, applications architecture, data architecture, and technical architecture.

The architectural domain hence focuses on a huge area and these are a business strategy, business processes, standards, application interactions, business relationships, data assets, infrastructure, and so on.

The other two pillars are known to offer customized solutions for various issues that may come up in the enterprise.

Benefits offered

When talked about the benefits of Togaf, there can be a lot many that can be counted. One of the most important ones is that it is highly customizable. It does not offer a process to the enterprise that does not act properly and that does not comply with the process of the enterprise. The enterprise owners can create a process that matches up with the operations of the enterprise. Small packages can be made that can be managed well and that can be rolled up as and when required.

The method helps in creating checkpoints that help in having wider applications with much lesser errors. This helps the enterprise in getting applications and software options that are near to perfect and can be used much efficiently.

Knowledgehut Togaf Training offering a huge amount of benefits to the firms, organizations look to have candidates hired who are certified in Togaf. This allows them to use the method even smoothly. Some of the professionals who join an organization after getting certified in Togaf are software architects, enterprise architects, and similar others.

There are a lot of debates that take place from time to time about Togaf. There are some who believe it to be one of the perfect frameworks, while there are some others who take it to be a bit shaky. There are some experts who have also mentioned that it does offer failure. There is a mixed thought about the method but as of now a large number of organizations are confidently using the method and hence a large number of individuals are also taking up the certification course to have a great career ahead.

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