Why Shopify Stores Must Leverage Shoppable Instagram & UGC

Manas Singh 09th Sep 2021

If you are an e-commerce brand with a presence on Shopify and have not utilized Shoppable Instagram and UGC for your business, then this blog would be an eye-opener for you!

Ever since social media emerged, the platform has become a breeding ground for marketers and business owners to establish themselves in the market, especially on Instagram.

Moreover, due to the large number of social media users and stunning visuals, Instagram is perfect for creating a customer and follower base.

Additionally, there is no platform better than Instagram to convert potential customers to existing customers, and the shoppable Instagram feature has taken the platform to another level.

Continue reading the blog until the end, as we have mentioned a few critical points and reasons why you also need to incorporate Shoppable Instagram and User-Generated Content in your business as a Shopify store.

Let's get started!

Reasons Why Shoppable Instagram & UGC Works Brilliantly For Brands

Helps You Sprinkle Life To Your Products!

The significant difference between the content created and posted by your brand on Instagram and User-Generated Content is that the latter is unsponsored, much more relatable and genuine since the actual loyal customers make it of your brand.

When you showcase real customers as your brand promoters, you give your potential clients a reason to jump on the bandwagon and be a part of your customer base.

Moreover, displaying real-time content and positive words from satisfied customers reflects a more trustworthy brand image!

Easy On The Pocket & Less Taxing

The old traditional methods of promoting products and services using social media marketing involved running expensive ads and taking out time to create posts, editing it, hiring professionals, etc., which ultimately leads to spending a vast amount of money.

Leveraging shoppable Instagram and User-Generated Content does not require you to spend surplus money on advertising since the content is not sponsored or scripted.

Moreover, there are numerous ways in which you can collect UGC.

You can do so by encouraging and motivating your customers to leave their valuable feedback or experiences.

Excited customers themselves post content while using the product as they love to get featured by your brand through reposts or by using Shoppable Instagram.

Shoppable Instagram & UGC establishes authenticity

It is a known fact that people trust the content created by users two times more than the content published by the brand themselves. Therefore, when you display real-time content featuring real customers, it automatically brings a much more authentic experience for the potential customers.

For instance - a famous sportswear brand features two posts for their promotion. The first post features a model wearing activewear, and the post is well-edited, whereas, in the other post, the brand features an average customer flaunting the activewear and shoes, and the photo is authentic and raw.

Your potential customers will automatically be more attracted to the second post due to its authenticity and realness.

Instill More Trust In Your Customers

Here is a quick fun fact - More than 80% of people rely on and go through reviews and recommendations from customers before making the final decision since they trust the customer experiences more than the content published by the brand.

Through Shoppable Instagram and UGC, users glimpse what the existing customers of the brand genuinely have experienced and feel.

The first-time users of a brand are often confused and not confident enough about the brand's products.

Displaying such content helps the potential customers become more confident and puts in more trust and faith within them for the brand.

Raise The Urge To Buy With Shop The Look Galleries

One of the major concerns that customers face is whether the product would suit them or not. With Shop the Look UGC galleries, customers can see real customers using or wearing the product and can be clear about the after-effects.

Displaying such content would further ignite the desire within your customers to buy more from your brand and try out your products.

Since the gallery would feature real-time customers, it would give your customers a clearer idea about how well the product would suit them or which style or color to go for!

Closing Note

Here are a few essential reasons why you should leverage Shoppable Instagram and UGC in your business.

Apart from the mentioned reasons, another primary reason to incorporate this fantastic strategy into your brand is to increase profits and sales!

Once you gain the trust of your customers and engage them more with your business, you will drive more conversions and revenues as well.

The key here is to start immediately to witness spectacular results. We are hopeful that you also must be amazed to learn about the incredible benefits of this result-driven and powerful marketing strategy in your business.

Authored By Manas Singh

He is a continuous blogger and has blogged on different topic. He loves to surf Internet and always trying to get new Idea about new Technology and Innovations and sharing these great information to all the technology lovers.

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