Why The Digital Reputation Of Your Business Is So Important

Abhigyan Singh 01st Mar 2018

We live in the digital era. Back in the day, public relations was all about your brick and mortar locations, word of mouth, and of course your local source of news. But now businesses need to start turning their attention to the cyber world. How is your cyber cred? When last did you take the time to listen to what customers are saying about your business?

The crazy thing?

92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know more than any other form of marketing. Starting to see why your digital reputation is so important?

Regardless of whether you are a new business starting out, or an old business trying to restore your credibility – your digital reputation has a huge impact on the success and triple bottom line of your business. Through this article, we go through a few ways to help you improve, and maintain your cyber credibility.

Your Cyber Coded Location (Online Presence) Is Incredibly Important

Back in the day, the biggest concern for businesses was the upkeep of their brick and mortar locations to inspire a great first-impression from customers. Nowadays, the same principle applies. But for the online presence of businesses.

It is important to connect with your customers where they feel comfortable. That means diversifying your content marketing campaigns through various social media channels. Including the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat if you want to truly stand out from the crowd.

The reason why your social presence is so important is because it helps you build valuable trust with potential leads and customers. It is the gateway between providing free value and creating desire behind the product/service that you are offering.

Customers Are Willing To Pay More If Businesses Respond In Less Then An Hour

A recent study revealed some pretty shocking stats. Did you know that customers who receive a response through your online channels for questions or complaints – will be willing to pay almost $20 more for your service/product?

It just gets better.

77% of all customers say that the most important thing any company can do is value their time. This builds trust, which means through simply replying efficiently, you can drastically improve your digital reputation.

Of course, creating a stronger bond with customers means that they will be more likely to cross the bridge to becoming a conversion.

Learn How To Handle Negative Reviews

No business is perfect. Miscommunication happens. Unhappy customers are bound to enter the picture. Worst of all – negative reviews – now those are to be expected.

It may send your stomach plummeting and your heart humming. But a negative review is actually a great thing for your business. Think about it – it gives you the opportunity to show that you truly care about the satisfaction that you provide to each and every customer.

The most important thing is handling your negative reviews in a timely, and professional manner.

Of course, with over 88% of all consumers checking out your reviews before investing money into your customer – negative reviews can harm your business reputation. However, if you can adequately resolve the issue, you may be able to dissuade the disgruntled customer to amending his review.

Worst case scenario?

Potential customers will at least see that you made a strong effort to satisfy the disgruntled client. Which means you have just improved the digital reputation of the customer. Who said every cloud does not have a silver lining?

Reach Out To Your Customers For A Helping Hand

The stigma that you should know everything as a business is only going to hurt your digital reputation in the long-run.

Even the biggest enterprises globally send out surveys to random groups of their customers to establish their strengths and determine crucial weaknesses that customers dislike about their service/product.

There is absolutely no reason to fear asking your customers for feedback. In fact, it could reveal problems that you were not previously aware of. Through doing this, customers will also believe that you are actively working to improve their experiences, which in turn, has a fantastic impact on your digital reputation.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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