WordPress Vs. Custom Content Management : Which is the right choice

Muhammad Kaif 24th Sep 2020

Everyone looks for the solution with his own kinds of tools and if one is the lead developer then he has to check and balance all the tools that are being utilized in the market. But it needs knowledge, understanding, and experience to do so. Building a site is a difficult job and one has to keep in mind that how can he manage it in a way that he can get more viewers and subscribers. People mostly surf the net and look for different solutions, to help them out I am going to discuss what things can be an aid to them. First, we need to learn about the comparison between WordPress and Custom Content Management System.

WordPress VS. Custom Content Management System:

Introduction and features of WordPress:

WordPress is a very famous tool that powers 60% of the websites. What makes it so outstanding to be used so often are the following reasons:

  • It is editable and free of cost.
  • It is open-source so can be approached by all without security threats.
  • It offers plenty of tools that can save time and do not require any experience to use them.
  • It smoothly assists in updating your websites and content.
  • It is conventional software hence due to heavy traffic cannot be available at times.
  • It is software with basic tools to further upgrade or promote your website, you will be depending on other software as it might fall short of your expectations.

Introduction and features of Custom Content Management:

To modify your web development or up-gradation of it is no less than bringing new furniture to your house or buying a new setup. It takes time to adjust to the new changes but it at the same time becomes easy when you take the step willingly. Instead of changing the whole software, it will be the best option to make certain changes in the previous one. So that it will be easier for you to work on it. Usually to look for a generic solution, one uses a custom content management solution.

Custom Content Management is basically implemented to facilitate the customer and provide best security and guidance to him. While modifying or upgrading the software, some issues can arise so for that purpose CCM is the most helpful mode.

Safety of website:

If we talk about programming then we can compare it with trading in which the end quality will be the only good skill. People mostly prefer the most used programs because they have fewer chances of virus threats. If we talk about WordPress then it is giving its heavy-duty in the market and is easy to use.

Can we consider WordPress as the best Custom Content Management program?

It is being used by the 60% of world’s website development but even then I may declare it as the best option for the users. It also depends on the personal needs of the customers. No doubt that it has the tool to update the pages and install a huge variety of custom plugins. When it is the most rated software then the hackers are also behind it to get some business by using their skills. The software developers are also trying to bring down its fame so that they can promote their personally created software.

Security details:

There are many tools that are introduced by WordPress but when you really are in need of one of the solution, then you have to strive hard to fetch it as it is a bit time-consuming. You are bound to look for the best solution to resolve the problem. After a while, if you find one then there are possibilities that it might not work or support the program.

The second thought which comes into your mind is that the tools are not working properly because it is the free trial version that you have downloaded. If you buy the full version then the results will be different. So it is a good option to do so but even then there is a possibility of faded tools that are not helpful at all. The benefit which you will get will be more options for tools for app development by utilizing the premier package.

We come to learn about the quality of the work along with the experience with the passage of time and we have to check the software thoroughly before coming to the conclusion. If you are in your learning stage then you need to check the ratings of the software and feedbacks as well. They will be very helpful for you in making the choice. It is very common that the best website development companies also hire well-reputed software and they hardly give the non-testified software a chance as they don’t want to be at risk. If they will hire such a software then it will also affect the ranking of their company. The companies are very much concerned even about the manufacturing department of the cables, generator, and other equipment.

The world nowadays has different seismic activity. This application requires seismic multiplier hence they are collecting data from the customers to further facilitate them. No other software takes this much customer care hence there is no software that can remove the performance of WordPress.

Checking the costs:

The software which is specifically about custom option takes a lot of time to build and consumes a large amount. It is also sold extensively in the market as a recovery price. Customers mostly prefer the software which is easy to use and operate and is free of cost. It also results in slow downloading and security issues are faced by it due to lack of downtime. If you invest money then you are able to buy a genuine thing otherwise the marketplace is also filled up with first copies and hacking versions, which will work for a while but will be a cause of disloyalty after some time.


Hence we can conclude that the software available in the market, especially if we talk about WordPress, with a high rating is preferred by the customers due to the following reasons:

  • It has its feedback and reviews from those who have already used it.
  • WordPress is used by almost 60% of the websites around the world.
  • It offers outstanding tools that can cure and upgrade the websites.
  • It provides you with proper customer care and security so that your data and files remain safe and you can trust it properly.
  • Hacking issues are taking place nowadays and the hackers attack that software which is really the moon in the eyes of the customers. Due to the high alert security system, very few of the hackers succeeded but were traced and jailed afterward.
  • It can also have some faults because it is created by humans who themselves are not perfect. From this, I meant that some of its tools might not be working properly, so you need not worry about it because there are plenty of options provided by WordPress.
  • Sometimes it also has the opening issues due to heavy traffic which is relying on this software.

For me, WordPress is undoubtedly the very best software of our age, which is quite satisfactory as far as custom content management is concerned and the customers are also happy to rely on it. I will undoubtedly consider it the iPhone of the software department. Use it and be with ease.

Authored By Muhammad Kaif

I am web developer and designer, I love to share my knowledge about Web developing. I am certified developer and provides web development services on Ertekaz

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