Writing an academic paper: The guide

Manas Singh 10th Sep 2020


How to write an academic paper? Can I ask an expert to write my paper for me? Are there many obstacles in writing an academic paper? These are some classic questions. They imply that writing an academic paper is quite complicated. But don't worry because we will share some important points about that.

1. Only vote for top magazines or top conferences, especially for mature PhD. This is because it is only by posting your work in these places that it is possible to get more attention. In addition, if you are very utilitarian, when you evaluate excellence, apply for teaching positions, apply for topics, and participate in various types of talent programs, you will find that non-top articles will be regarded as non-existent, and people will only see you have a few tops.

2. Establish the consciousness that "writing is very important." I often see a lot of classmates have very beautiful ideas, but the final articles have been "sold" to very general places. Conversely, I have also read that some articles have general methods, but because they were well written, they were finally published on tops. This shows the importance of writing for the whole work.

3. Be sure to be clear when writing an article. Many students think that the more "overhang" they write the article, the better it is for reviewers and readers not to understand, so that it can reflect the depth of their article. This idea is very wrong, because the purpose of writing an article is to spread knowledge and let others know your work. If you leave the reviewer's mind with "What does this mean?" "What does he want to say?", Then your article has only the fate of being killed.

4. The motivation of the introduction part is very important. It must be correct, concise and clear-cut. Generally speaking, the reviewers of the top conference looked at your abstract, motivation, and several pictures and experimental results of your article. The fate of your article has been determined. The whole process takes up to 10 minutes. The remaining time is Find reasons to accept or reject your paper. So, be sure to write clearly what problem your method solves in motivation? What is the general idea? Why does your method work?

5. Conclusion is not a simple repetition or rewriting of abstract or introduction, but a sublimation of the full text. After the reader has read your full text, you need to summarize your work at a higher level, and draw more concise, interesting, and inspiring conclusions. Be sure to pass on new knowledge or inspiration to the reader.

6. Good articles must be refined, and the article must be repeated many times. Every claim and every word must be carefully and carefully considered. If you don’t do it in a small place during the cast, you may lose everything, so you must spend enough time writing and revising the article.

7. If you are submitting a journal, please cite 3 ~ 5 articles in this journal in the past 3 years. If you vote for a conference, please cite articles on the same topic two years before the conference and articles that may handle your paper AC and reviewer.

8. When submitting a journal, please do not add the author's bio and acknowledgment until the article is accepted.

Finally, people generally understand problems from easy to difficult, from simple to complex, seize this trajectory, you can go deeper layer by layer when demonstrating, and finally, the argument comes out.

In addition, we must pay attention to the use of logical thinking, so that the arguments are interlinked and the organization becomes clear. Consistency of arguments and conclusions is a prerequisite for clear levels.

In the same thinking process, each thinking object must keep the content unified, and the concepts and judgments used must maintain the certainty of its own content and cannot be arbitrarily changed.

If the topic is changed at will, it will not be clear if the article is clear.

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